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Professional Window Cleaning

Call Sunshine Soft Wash Power Washing & Window Cleaning in Aiken, SC for your window cleaning needs.

For exterior windows we do not use ladders, which leaves us safely on the ground! Instead, water-fed poles, reaching as high as 40 feet, deliver pure water through their fine brush heads.

This water can be considered "ultra pure" because it has been filtered through a de-ionization process to remove all the dissolved minerals and elements. Your windows will now dry spotless and will have a streak-free finish.

The entire window casement, including the sills, frames and glass, are washed and then followed by a spot-free pure water rinse. Expect to see your windows left wet - they will dry completely free of any spotting.

House Washing, Roof Washing, Pressure Power Washing - whatever your exterior cleaning needs, you want a HASSLE-FREE solution. Period! CALL TODAY to let us show you how we can solve your cleaning needs. 803-642-6341

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